stones-beachIn 2008, leading research institutions on suicide prevention in the Nordic countries took the initiative to form a Nordic Consortium for Evidence Based Research in Prevention of Suicide. Nordic countries are welfare states with similar models for funding of health care. The countries are also alike politically and culturally, and share trajectories in public health development.

Research on suicide and suicide prevention provide knowledge to understand better what happens when people face depression, crises and problems. Research on mental health and suicidal behavior provides knowledge about the mental health in a population. Such knowledge can be essential to form preventive stategies to reduce suicidal behaviour.

The Consortium will facilitate cross-national inspiration regarding all areas relevant for suicide prevention. A few examples are: treatment facilities after deliberate self-harm, assessment of suicide risk in different high risk populations, public health initiatives, educational programs, preventive campaigns. We want to draw upon experiences from the different Nordic countries and take initiatives to coordinate preventive strategies.

Suicidologi – A peer reviewed journal

The Norwegian based journal Suicidologi publishes research-based knowledge as relevant for practice, empirical studies from the field of suicide research, experience-based articles from different professions, information about suicide prevention efforts and projects. Suicidologi is the only scientific journal of its kind in the Nordic region. A search program for articles in the journal is avaliable.

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Some new nordic research articles on suicide prevention

The latest study is at: alongwith the Abstract. A short version of the abstract is already available on the homepage.

Repetition of suicide attempts across episodes of severe depression Behavioural sensitisation found in suicide group but not in controls

Authors; Brådvik and Berglund, in BMC Psychiatry 2011, 11:5,The article is in an open access journal. To be found at URL:

Absolute Risk of Suicide After First Hospital Contact in Mental Disorder

Authors; Nordentoft, Bo Mortensen, and Bøcker Pedersen, in ARCH GEN PSYCHIATRY/VOL 68 (NO. 10), OCT 2011.The article is published in: